Friday, February 25, 2005

Bush prods Putin on democracy

This is a seriously big joke, Mr Wanabe Dictator Bush makes the following statement;

"Democracies have certain things in common – a rule of law and protection of minorities and a free press and a viable political opposition,"

Rule of Law; the overriding law in America is the American Constitution, Mr Bush has completely destoyed it, although the people are rejecting the change.

Protection of Minorities; Pity the only minorities he is protecting are his Capitalist mates.

Free Press; Get real, the press are owned by rich capitalists, they report what they want to report not what is really happening.

Viable Political Opposition; ???? All the latest Presidents might as well be clones.

He then goes on to say;

"I was able to share my concerns about Russia's commitment in fulfilling these universal principles. I did so in a constructive and friendly way."

What a completely hypocritical arsehole, its no wonder the world is turning into a shit heap with people like him in charge.


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