Friday, February 18, 2005

Climate Change

There are really some hard headed fools out there, given the current state of the world, the state of New Zealand weather in particular, how can you believe we are not killing this planet?

Is it not time for people to uncover their eyes and see what is happening. We are a type of people who will believe anything to make life easier, and knowing we are killing the planet is something none of us want to see. This makes things very easy for our greedy capitalist overseers to give other scientific reasons for the problems we are having and have people believe it.

Why would they do this, Money, the capitalist GOD. They will do ANYTHING to get it, even wreck the planet, they have proven this time and again. What would happen if we all believed in the global polution. Its simple, no more consumer society, things would slow down again. This would be something that has to be stopped at any cost as their profit would slow down.

Take a look outside and tell me we have not stuffed up big time.


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