Sunday, March 06, 2005

Email to ACT

I have been looking for someone decent to vote for this year and when checking out the ACT website the first policy I look at shows Act is not it. The fact that you think The Employment Relations Act is a bad thing shows that.

A) You have never been part of the work force
B) You don’t care that workers are over worked for minimum wages.

Companies don’t care about their workers and they don’t care about their customers, all they care about is money. The more they rip of the workers and consumers the quicker they can get it.

If we did not need unions they would be powerless.

I went to the Martinborough fair today, there was a ceramic plaque there I could not resist buying, it says “They can’t fire me, slaves have to be sold”

Do you know anyone who works in a call centre?

Ask them if they think employers are fair to their workers.


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